Welcome to Roslagen Chamber Music Festival

The place is always part of the experience.
Therefore, the great feelings cannot be accommodated only in concert halls.
They require an entire country

In the middle of high summer we start an annual festival in Roslagen.
In an environment that has inspired artists, writers, poets and not least musicians over the centuries.
Sweden is the country with the most islands in the whole world and in Roslagen they create a magical archipelago that is one of
The most distinct and beloved places in the Nordic countries.

Not least as a summer experience for Swedes and as an exotic destination for others.

“Like millions of people, I love the archipelago. and Roslagen. Welcoming audiences and world-famous musicians to this unique environment in the middle of summer
It feels irresistible in every way.
It is also fully in line with our most important mission, namely to bring out classical music.
To more places and new audiences, not just in the big cities.
The whole of Sweden should not only live, the whole of Sweden should be able to listen.”

Welcome to the first performance of Roslagen Chamber Music Festival 2022

Ola Larsson
General Manager, Friends of Chamber Music


“The music comes from life itself. The language of music can be understood by everyone.
Therefore, music unites us and can provide experiences that touch us as human beings so that we better understand ourselves and each other.
We have an opportunity to develop and shape our lives.
In the concert experience, the creation takes place here and now and the music, musicians and audience play an equal role in the creation.
You are a participant in the artwork and in the intimate format of chamber music you get really close.

Art is the story of something, in music you as an audience become an individual part of that storytelling.

Welcome to the music!”

Per Nyström
Solo cellist and Artistic Advisor